Scheduling Patterns

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Some courses may only be offered once during the academic year. Winter and Summer session courses will be offered at the discretion of the department. All course offerings are subject to minimum enrollment/capacity limits and budgetary constraints. The primary goal of the department is to offer courses in a manner which can be successfully completed in the shortest length of time possible. Certificate in a Semester scheduling organizes courses in two completion tracks. The following lists which certificate programs are offered via Certificate in a Semester scheduling.

The following short-term completion certificates are also available.

Courses Offered Only Online in the Fall Term

The following courses are generally only offered online in the fall term. Please plan accordingly.

CAT 61-Professional Office Procedures
CAT 84-Wordperfect for Windodws

Course(s) Offered Only in the Spring Term

The following course is generally only offered in the spring term during the daytime. Please plan accordingly.

CAT 62-Records Management