Legal Administrative Professional (CE611)

This certificate provides for the immediate needs of working legal professionals. Courses are offered online in 8 week sessions. Some classes will have an online lab activity completion requirement. Required courses will be offered according to the following schedule.

Sample Student Schedule - Spring 2018 - Coming Soon!

Year 01

CAT 36A-Legal Office Procedures I*

CAT 36B-Legal Office Procedures II*

CAT 37-Legal Terminology & Transcription

CAT 38-Legal Word Processing/Forms

It is strongly recommended that students who do not have previous keyboarding experience enroll in either of the following courses in the fall semester:

  • CAT 50-Keyboarding and Document Processing OR
  • CAT 53-Keyboarding/Typing Fundamentals

*Legal Office Procedures I and II may be taken in any order.