New Student Information

New students must first apply to the college to obtain a WebAdvisor ID, RCC email address, and registration date. You may want to carefully read then print this page for reference while completing the application process.

New CAT students interested in CAT program certificates may apply to the college if they missed the application deadline for the term. Please contact Elaine Wilson at 951.222.8131 for assistance with application and enrollment only if you have missed the college application deadline for the semester in which you are interested.

It is strongly recommended that you apply to the college at least one month before the term begins so as not to delay your registration.Complete the RCC Application for Admissions & Records online at The following link provides information about the enrollment process. Read the information then Scroll down to the bottom the page to find the link to the online application at CCCAPPLY.

The CCCAPPLY process requires you to set up an account. You need the following items with you when you apply.

  1. Pen and paper or some way to record/save the username and password you choose when applying at CCCAPPLY
  2. Personal email account such as a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo mail
  3. Social Security number

Create an account with Open CCCAPPLY

When in CCCAPPLY fill out the Enrollment Information sections as indicated below; otherwise you must complete Assessment, Orientation and Counseling* before registering for class.

  • CCCAPPLY Enrollment Information TAB
    • Term Applying (College application deadlines: If you missed the application deadline for the term. Please contact Elaine Wilson at 951.222.8131 for assistance with application and enrollment.
    • Intended Major or Program of Study select one:
      • Business Information Worker - CE522 (19 units)
      • Executive Office Management - CE639 (34 units)*
        • Office Assistant - CE633 (10 units)
        • Administrative Office Professional - CE637 (13.5 units)
        • Executive Office Professional - CE635 (13.5 units)
      • Legal Administrative Professional - CE611 (12 units)
      • Virtual Assistant - CE677 (16.5 units)
      • Office Fast Track - CE812 (16.5 units)
    • Educational Goal select: Education Development**

* Select CE639 if you plan to complete all courses in the Office Assistant, Administrative Office Professional, and Executive Office Professional certificates. The CAT program faculty can provide information on how to apply for these smaller certificates as you complete them.

**Choosing this educational goal allows you to waive the Assessment and Orientation*** requirement, however, it does not meet eligibility for Financial Aid. Check with the Financial Aid office.

***About Assessment, Orientation and Counseling: The CAT program does not require students to complete assessment for English and Math prior to enrolling in program courses. If you are applying to complete a short-term certificate(s) for employment or promotion at a current job you will not need to complete Assessment, Orientation and Counseling. Should you decide you want to apply for an Associate's Degree while completing a certificate you can schedule an appointment for Assessment and then complete college Orientation and Counseling after you begin the CAT program courses.

If you plan on completing the Executive Office Management Associate's Degree [AS639] and require financial aid you will be required to complete Assessment, Orientation, and Counseling. This process will add time to your registration process so plan accordingly. You'll want to practice for the assessment test before taking the test. Visit the following site for links to a Web-based study guide and links to smart phone practice test apps: Once you complete the testing process you may enroll in CAT program certificate and degree courses.